The  Department  of  Mining  and  Petroleum  Engineering currently offers two undergraduate programs namely  Georesources  Engineering  and  Petroleum  Engineering. Mining Engineering program is replaced by Georesources  Engineering  Program  where  two  majors  mining, and resources engineering are conducted. These two existing programs are designed to prepare graduates for  mining,  resources,  petroleum,  and  related  industries  both in Thailand and abroad. These programs also facilitate graduates to carry on to higher education. 

        Courses  are  designed  to  give  students  basic  knowledge in both sciences and engineering fundamentals  as  well  as  professional  subjects  of  the  fields. Optional courses are also offered as electives to accommodate special interest of students or special need of  the  industry.  Practical  training  are  compulsory  to  familiarize students with industry. English, humanities, and  social  sciences  courses  are  also  requirement of the  programs so that students have opportunity to broaden their views as well as English skill. 

Georesources Engineering Program
       The  undergraduate  georesources  engineering program provides foundation knowledge in all aspects of georesources  development.  After  having  broad  background in sciences and basic engineering during the first and the second year, students will receive a thorough background  in  georesources  engineering  in  the  first  semester of the third year, which will support advance georesources engineering courses in the third and fourth year.  A broad interdisciplinary coverage of georesources  development principles including mining geology, mineral  exploration,  ore  reserve  estimation,  mine  development, mining methods of both surface and underground  operations,  rock  mechanics,  geostatistics,  georesources economics and management, mineral processing  and  utilization  and  environmental aspects of  mining operation and recycling will be provided for junior and senior level. 

Petroleum Engineering Program
      The  Petroleum  Engineering  curriculum  for undergraduate study provides core courses in all aspects of  petroleum  engineering  including  rock  and  fluid  properties, reservoir engineering, well logging, drilling  engineering,  production  engineering,  production operations, natural gas processing, and petroleum  economics. 


      Thitisak Boonpramote, Ph.D. (Colorado School of Mines)


      Somsak Saisinchai, M.Eng. (Chula)

      Kreangkrai Maneeintr, Ph.D. (Regina)   


       Jirawat Chewaroungroaj, Ph.D. (Texas at Austin)           

       Suwat Athichanagorn, Ph.D. (Stanford)

       Pipat Laowattanabandit, Ph.D. (Colorado School of Mines)

       Falan Srisuriyachai, Ph.D. (Bologna)


      Apisit Numprasanthai, Ph.D. (Griffith)

      Raphael Bissen, Dr.rer.nat (Freiburg)

      Kittiphong Jongkittinarukorn, Ph.D. (Oklahoma)

      Theerayut Phengsaart, Ph.D. (Hokkaido)

      Pet Pakchotanon, Ph.D. (Regina)







2106208      Chemical for Materials                 3(3-0-6)

Condition: Concurrent 2106209

     Phase equilibria and physical properties of matter; and heterogeneous mixture; colligative properties of solution; colloid and surface chemistry; surface chemistry and application in materials separation; electrochemistry and corrosion; ore sampling and dissolution foranalysis; separation and analysis of metal  ions  in solution.

2106209      Chemical for Materials Lab          1(0-3-0)

Condition: Concurrent 2106208

     Effects of temperature on liquid viscosity; effects of temperature and/or surfactant on liquid surface tension molecular weight determination via colligative properties of solution; preparation of standard solution and standardization; Ore dissolution and fusion; analysis of metal ion in solution oy redox titration; potentiometric titration; and spectrometry.

 2106222      Fundamental of Georesources Engineering            1(1-0-2)

      Introduction to mining industry and georesousces development. exploration, evaluation and mineral deposit development; Environment , health and safety considerations in mine operations.

2106251      General Geology             3(2-3-4)

      Scope of geology; the universe and the earth; surface features of the earth’s crust and the geological processes; deformation of the earth’s crust; rock structures; problems of dip and strike, vein intersection, faulting and folding; geological maps and sections; field techniques in geological mapping; collection of field specimens; well logging and drill core; preparation of geological maps and reports.

2106252      Minerals and Rocks            3(2-3-4)

      Basic knowledge of mineralogy; crystallography ; crystal system; physical properties; identification of rock-forming and economic minerals; origin of igneous; sedimentary and metamorphic rocks; geological and engineering classification rocks.

2106296      Engineering Geology             3(2-3-4)

Condition : Prerequisite 2103105 and 2108205 or 2108291

      A general survey of geology with particular reference to civil engineering; common rockforming minerals; general characteristics and origins of rocks; features of the earth and geological process; structural features of the earth’s crust; geology of water supply, reservoirs and dam sites, erosion and flood control; river and habour improvement; geological, factors affecting quarrying, tunnelling, landslide, land subsidence, foundations, and building materials.

2106310      Mineral Processing Engineering      3(3-0-6)

Condition: Concurrent 2106332

      Theory of Physical methods of mineral processing. Fundamental of mineral processing including sampling, cominution and liberation, screening, classification, size determination, gravity concentration, magnetic separation, electrostatic separation, introduction to flotation. Construction of simple flow sheets for mineral processing plants.

2106315      Mining Engineering Laboratory   1(0-3-0)

Condition: Consent of Faculty

      Laboratory experiments in mining development and mining operation.

2106316      Surface Mining         3(3-0-6)

      Exploration, evaluation and development of mineral deposits, classification and selection of various mining methods; mine planning and design concept; earth and rock excavation; drilling and bench blasting ; mine loading and haulage; environmental protection; mine welfare and safety.

2106331      Mineral and Process Engineering  3(3-0-6)

Condition: Concurrent 2106332

       Theory of Physical methods of mineral processing. Fundamental of mineral processing including sampling, comminution and liberation, screening, classification, size determination, gravity concentration, magnetic separation, electrostatic separation, introduction to flotation. Construction of simple flow sheets for mineral processing plants.

2106332      Resources Process Laboratory I       1(0-3-0)

Condition: Concurrent 2106331

      Laboratory experiments in resources separation and recovery.

2106333      Resources Process Laboratory II        1(0-3-0)

Condition: Concurrent 2106331

      Laboratory experiments in resources separation and recovery.

2106412     Resources Economics and Management         3(3-0-6)

      Mineral demand and supply; mineral trade and markets; mineral market forecasting techniques; government regulations and taxation; resources evaluation; economics of resources development; project management.

2106413      Resources Environment and Pollution Prevention            3(3-0-6)

      Major environmental problems from production and utilization of resources; environmental technology to manage and control the problems; waste minimization and waste disposal, environmental planning for the development and utilization of resources.

2106414      Resources Process Technology and Utilization              3(3-0-6)             

      Extraction, processing and utilization of resources; review of fundamental principles of   process technology and utilization of resources; concepts of technology application;  processes of extraction and improvement of material quality; review of principles of  process design.                                              

2106415      Resources Recovery and Recycling           3(3-0-6)

      Recyclable resources; recycling of non-metal, recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; principles of recycling; criteria for recovery and recycling; potential benefits of recycling; recycling technology; limitation of recycling; markets for recycle, factors affecting recycle rates; environmental aspects of recycling.

2106428      Geostatistics            3(3-0-6)

       Introduction to geostatistics; spatial data and geostatistical approach; problems and geostatistical solution; structure of regionalized variable and its applications on sampling analysis and optimization; kriging system and characteristic features; estimator and estimation variance; and use of computer codes.

2106432      Separation Technology            3(3-0-6)

Condition:  Concurrent 2106333

       General description of separation and classification efficiency; hydro cyclones, screens, electrostatic precipitators; mixing, granulation, crystallization; comminution matrix description of size reduction, milling circuit simulation, size enlargement and agglomeration; motion of particles in fluids; flow of fluids through granular beds; incompressible and compressible cake filtration; gravity sedimentation and clarification; pneumatic and hydraulic transport of solids; surface chemistry and thermodynamics of particles-bubbles attachment; mechanisms of mineral flotation; kinetics of mineral flotation and mechanics; flotation processes of minerals and materials.

2106433      Material Characterization            3(3-0-6)

      Theories and use of techniques in material analysis including mineralogy, microscopic techniques, differential thermal analysis, thermogravimetric analysis, x-ray refraction, x-ray fluorescence, atomic absorption spectrometry, inductively coupled electron analysis and chemical analysis.

2106434      Material Handling Engineering            3(3-0-6)

      Theories and design of material handling processes; belt conveyor, chain, and bucket elevator; bin and bunker design; stock piling; blending and homogenizing; feed control of bulk solids; slurry pipeline transportation, tailing disposal.

2106438      Clean Coal Technologies               3(3-0-6)

      Coal utilization; coal reserve; coal gasification; coal dust explosion; coal storage; combustion; pollution management; carbon capture and storage.

2106439      Particle Technologies for Georesources Engineering              3(3-0-6)

      Particle characterization, grinding; powder separation; mixing; agglomeration; transport of powder; storage of powder; safety in operation; dust explosion; dust collection.

2106441      Geotechniques            3(3-0-6)

      Engineering properties of soil and rock measurements and classification: stress-strain analysis : failure criteria : stability analysis : geotechnical application to soil and rock excavation.

2106442      Geotechniques Laboratory          1(0-3-0)

      Laboratory experiments in rook properties.

2106443      Rock Engineering                         3(3-0-6)

      Basic rock mechanics; discontinuities; rock and rock mass; strength and failure criteria; in-situ stress; site investigation; rock mass classification; rock testing, in-situ testing; rock mechanics and engineering works; rock slope stability; rock excavation; geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring

2106444      Engineering Explosives and Rock Blasting         3(3-0-6)

      Concepts of rock fragmentation, drilling and blasting; type of explosives and  accessories; characteristics and roperties of explosives; safety in the transportation, storage, and handling of explosives; rock blasting practices, delay blasting; bench blasting design; controlled blasting techniques; the control of ground vibration, airblast, fly rock, drilling and blasting cost evaluation, 

2106445      Underground Mining               3(3-0-6)

      Basic soil and rock mechanics; discontinuities; geological factors for underground   excavation Site investigation for underground  excavation; underground excavation in mining and civil engineering; underground mining methods, underground monitoring, explosive and blasting  in underground excavation, rock support and rock reinforcement; underground mine planning and design, equipment and machine used in underground mining; basic mine ventilation, underground mine safety.

2106446      Mine Planning and Design          3(3-0-6)

      Concepts of mine planning  and design; application of  relevant knowledge in mining on mine design; computer application and simulation in mine planning design;  selection of  heavy equipment;case studies on mine planning and design. 

2106458      Mining Geology             3(3-0-6)

Condition : Prerequisite 2106252

      Origin and Occurrence of mineral deposits; mineral associations, alterations and classification, geologic factors controlling characteristics of ore-body; surface and underground geological mapping principles and application of geological, geochemical and geophysical prospecting; planning for exploration drilling, sampling techniques; ore reserve estimation; grade control; and fundamental of geostatistics.

2106481      Advanced Topics in Geo-Resources Engineering I          3(3-0-6)

      Topics of current interest and/or new development in various fields of Geo-Resources Engineering.

2106482      Advanced Topics in Geo-Resources  Engineering II          3(3-0-6)

Condition: Consent of Faculty

      Topics of current interest and/or new development in various fields of Geo-Resources Engineering.

2106483      Special Problems in Geo-Resources Engineering I            3(2-3-4)

Condition: Consent of Faculty

       Special problems in Geo-Resources Engineering and their solutions.

2106484      Special Problems in Geo-Resources Engineering II            3(2-3-4)

Condition: Consent of Faculty

      Special problems in Geo-Resources Engineering and their solutions.

2106488      Practical Education for Resources Engineering                3(2-3-4)

      Practical interesting projects/topics for resources and petroleum engineering.

2106489      Geo-Resources Engineering Project            3(3-0-6)

Condition : Consent of Faculty

      Practical interesting projects of problems in various fields of Geo-Resource Engineering.



2106261      Petroleum Geology                3(3-0-6)

      Fundamental principles of petroleum regarding its origin, migration, and accumulation; chemical composition of petroleum; nature of source rocks, reservoirs, and traps; sedimentary environment and facies; geological field methods; characteristics of natural gas and oil fields of Thailand.

2106263      Fundamental of Petroleum Engineering        3(3-0-6)

      Introduction to petroleum industry; economics and structure of petroleum industry; petroleum prospecting; drilling operation; petroleum production system; reservoir performance; oil and gas separation; oil and gas transportation; utilization of oil and natural gas.

2106266      Petrophysics             3(2-3-4)

      Porosity, Permeability, Fluid Saturation, Resistivity, Wettability, Capillary Pressure, Relative Permeability, Application of Darcy’s equation, Measurement of Particle Size Distribution, Measurement of Porosity and Permeability, Measurement of Formation Resistivity, Measurement of Fluid Saturation, Measurement of Wettability and Measurement of Relative Permeability.

2106267      Petroleum Fluid Properties           3(3-0-6)

      Phase behavior; equations of state; and PVT properties and determination.

2106268      Petroleum and Drilling Fluid Laboratory             1(0-3-0)

      Viscosity; specific gravity; composition analysis; pressure, volume, and temperature (PVT) analysis of petroleum fluids; physical and chemical properties of drilling fluids.

2106361      Well Logging             3(3-0-6)

Condition: Prerequisite 2106266

      Principles, applications, and interpretation of openhole logs as used in petroleum exploration and reservoir evaluation.

2106362      Drilling Engineering            3(3-0-6)

      Drilling fluids, drilling hydraulics; drilling bit and drill string; directional drilling; casing and cementing, and drilling well control.

2106367      Reservoir Engineering I             3(3-0-6)

Condition: Prerequisite 2106267

Petroleum reserves; reservoir drive mechanism; volumetric calculation; material balance; decline curve analysis; fluid flow in porous media; well performance; water and gas coning; and water influx.

2106368      Reservoir Engineering II            3(3-0-6)

Condition: Prerequisite 2106367

Oil and gas well tests; and numerical reservoir simulation.

2106369      Production Technology               3(3-0-6)

Condition: Prerequisite 2106362

      Well completion; wireline and coiled tubing operation; perforating; formation damage mechanism and migration; sand production and its control; well stimulation; well surveillance and workover.

2106462      Petroleum Process Engineering              3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 2106267

      Handling, separating of oil, natural gas and water from petroleum production; acid gas treating; gas dehydration; LNG; transmission and natural gas.

2106464      Production Engineering            3(3-0-6)

Condition : Prerequisite 2106267

      Multiphase flow in pipe; inflow performance; restricted flow into a wellbore; artifical lift; and oil and gas production system and facilities.

2106465      Petroleum Economics                 3(3-0-6)

Economic evaluation of petroleum projects, generating forecasts of key technical and economic parameters for the discounted cash flow(DCF) model of petroleum development projects, world oil markets and price mechanisms, petroleum fiscal system analysis; expected value and decision tree analysis for petroleum exploration projects, Baysian analysis and value of information.

2106466      Improved Oil Recovery               3(3-0-6)

Condition : Prerequisite 2106367

      Secondary recovery; mobility-control processes; miscible displacement; chemical flooding; and thermal recovery; microbial flooding; screening criteria for improved oil recovery.

2106472      Well Design and Operations Planning               3(3-0-6)

Condition: Prerequisite  2106362

       Petroleum well design and construction; drilling procedures and well completion practices; well cost estimation; drilling program; wellsite operation and logistics; well operation planning and reporting.

2106473      Reservoir Management              3(3-0-6)

Condition: Prerequisite  2106367

      Numerical reservoir simulation; enhanced oil recovery techniques; field development planning; reservoir management procedures.

2106474      Petroleum Resources Development               3(2-3-4)

Condition : Prerequisite 2106362, 2106367, 2106464

      Integrated approaches to petroleum resources exploration and development; application of geological and petroleum engineering methods in designing petroleum production / injection wells with emphasis on teamwork.

2106475      Advanced Topics in Petroleum Engineering I              3(3-0-6)

      Topics of current interest and/or new development in various fields of petroleum engineering.

2106477      Special Problems in Petroleum Engineering I                3(2-3-4)

      Study or investigation of special problems in petroleum engineering.

2106479      Petroleum Engineering Project            3(0-6-3)

      Practical interesting projects or problems in various fields of petroleum engineering.

2106488      Practical Education for Resources Engineering                  3(2-3-4)

      Practical interesting projects/topics for resources and petroleum engineering.