Bachelor’s Degree Program in Petroleum Engineering

New Bachelor’s Degree Program in Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering Program

The Petroleum Engineering curriculum for undergraduate study provides core courses in all aspects of petroleum engineering including rock and fluid properties, reservoir engineering, well logging, drilling engineering, production engineering, production operations, natural gas engineering, and petroleum economics. The Department also offers a master’s degree program in petroleum engineering. The program is specially designed for Thai and foreign students using English as a program language. It is designed for students who graduate with B.Eng. or B.Sc. in petroleum engineering or other related disciplines.

The graduate study curriculum provides an extensive study in petroleum engineering which emphasizes on upstream activities, oil and gas exploration and production. This program will serve industrial demand of highly competent petroleum engineers who are able to conduct both scientific and engineering investigations to solve various problems related to exploration and production of oil and natural gas. Due to the rapid progress in engineering and trend toward interdiscipline environment in industries, the department also emphasizes on learning and communication skills of students. In addition, awareness in environmental problems related to engineering work is also an important element in the programs.