Georesorces and Petroleum Engineer

Georesources and petroleum engineer is an engineer who exploits natural resources under the economical limitation. Georesources and petroleum engineer refers to three disciplines:

Petroleum engineering: an engineering discipline concerned with the subsurface activities related to the production of hydrocarbons, which can be either crude oil or natural gas.
Mining engineering: a branch of engineering dealing with the location and appraisal of mineral deposits and the laying out, equipments and management of mines.
Resources and recycling engineering: a branch of engineering concerned with technology to manage resources under maximum usefulness as well as sustainability.

About the Program

Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering offers a master’s degree program in Georesources and Petroleum Engineering. The program is specially designed for Thai and foreign students using English as a program language. It is designed for students who graduate with B.Eng. or B.Sc. in related disciplines. This two-year program operates on a semester system. A Master of Engineering degree will be awarded after the completion of the program requirements. The curriculum provides an extensive study in  georesources and petroleum engineering which emphasizes on technologies of each discipline. This program will serve industrial demand of highly competent engineers who are able to conduct both scientific and engineering investigations to solve various problems related to mineral and petroleum resources.

International Credibility

The program has strong collaborations with other international institute to build technical competence of its students. Growing number of foreign students from diversified countries, joining our master program also shows an international credibility.

Job Opportunity

Each year graduates from our program go into oil and gas business, mining operation, and resources management section. The job responsibilities are varied depending on chosen discipline. Job locations can be varied among offshore, onshore or in the office and could be either in Thailand or abroad.


An applicant holding a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Science in related disciplines is eligible for consideration. Together with an application form each applicant must submit the following documents to the Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering:

– Statement of purpose
– A copy of identification card
– A 1-inch-colour picture of applicant
– Minimum CUTEP score of 45* or equivalent English test score from accepted institutions (TOEFL, IELTS)
– Three letters of recommendation
– A certified copy of transcript

Applicants will be admitted to the program based on their academic performances together with potential research capabilities. Applicants must select an interest discipline at the application process.

*applicants possessing CUTEP score from  45 to 59 must attend and pass additional two English courses prior to graduation, CUTEP score from 60 to 66 must attend and pass one additional English course prior to graduation.

Admission Schedule

An applicant with all requested documents may apply for the program directly at Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Chulalongkorn University (14th floor, Engineering Building 4) approximately from February of each year.

Our admission office opens Monday – Friday from 9.00 – 16.00.
Applicant can download the application form online at Application-Form

The admission examination and interview will be taken at the department. A total number of enrollment is approximately 20.


Tuition and Fees (per semester):

Thai students:
Tuition fee                    31,000 THB
Academic fee               40,000 THB
Total                              71,000 THB

International students
Tuition fee                    31,000 THB
International fee         55,500 THB
Academic fee               40,000 THB
Total                            126,500 THB



For more information please contact
Dr. FalanSrisuriyachai
tel:+662 218 6925
fax: +662 218 6920


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